• Complete Student Profiles

    Create profiles of students that include test results, activities, language background, intervention programmes and anecdotal notes including parent/teacher meetings.

  • Integrated with school admin system

    Student details can be imported and updated at any time from the school administration software to ensure a current list of students without losing any pre-existing data.

  • Customised for each school

    A secure admin interface allows administrators to customise and update tests, drop down lists and assign staff access, aligning the system with school policies and requirements.

  • Automatic Calculations

    A student's chronological age is calculated automatically from their date of birth. Test specific calculations such as reading age and stanine are automatically generated.

  • Extensive Reports

    View, print or save current and historical results by student, class or scholastic year and export test results for easy graphing, sorting and analysis.

  • Quick & Easy Rollover Process

    As students move classes from year to year, the process of updating their details is streamlined and efficient.

  • Archived Students

    Students who are no longer enrolled at the school are archived, meaning their information and profile can be accessed even after they have left the school.

  • Attachments

    Attach documents, photos, pdf's and other files to student records so that all data about students is available anytime.

  • Simultaneous Users
  • Students archived not deleted
  • Classes & Grades updated easily
  • Security per user and class
  • Make changes; add tests
  • Generate profiles by student, class, grade
  • Automatically calculate results


  • Excel