• Can the tests be customised?

    Yes, the school is able to customise the tests that are recorded, including in which scholastic year(s) a test will appear. In addition, activities, interventions, note categories and other drop down lists can also be customised.

  • What happens to a student’s data and results when they change class and grade?

    All information entered for a student is matched to a student ID number. Hence, their data travels with them throughout their school life, building a complete student profile. Irrespective of which class or grade the student is in, a profile containing all their data can be generated.  Student classes and grades can be updated easily through a student refresh process.  An export from the school administration system can be uploaded  which will add new students, mark students who have left as inactive and update student details including their new class and grade.

  • Can information other than test results be recorded?

    Yes, Student Tracker is a comprehensive tracking system.  You can record information about activities, interventions, notes, parent meetings, report comments, behaviour incidents, language background and much more! Options are customisable for your school so it is flexible and can accomodate most requirements. And of course any information entered for a student will be available in the student profile.

  • Can I see the results of a test for a student from Kindergarten/Prep to Year 6?

    Yes, and this is one of the main benefits of the system as you can see growth over time for a particular student or group of students.

  • Are reports available for looking at the data?

    Yes, the system has a number of reports which enable you to look at data on an individual student, class or scholastic year basis.  You can even make your own groups of students based on needs such as intervention programmes, gifted and talented groups or staged learning groups.  Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or downloaded as PDF whilst test results can also be exported to Excel.

  • How secure is the system?

    Access to the system is controlled by an individual username and password for each teacher. Student Tracker also employs 128 bit encryption to ensure your data is safe. Our dedicated servers are also protected by firewalls and security is monitored closely and taken very seriously. Backups are taken daily and stored on different servers to further ensure your data is protected.