Student Tracker was first built using Microsoft Access in the late 1990’s.  After many updates and feature releases, the cloud based version of Student Tracker was launched in 2010 providing a complete tracking solution for schools. Student Tracker is the premier product of Reditech Australia Pty Limited, a company located in Sydney, Australia.

Student Tracker was initially built by Andrew Redfern, a primary teacher with skills in software design and development.  Currently the team consists of a two developers, a project manager, business consultant as well as Andrew who is the director of the company.  All team members are innovate and enthusiastic individuals, who strive to always put the needs of schools, teachers and principals first.  Located across the globe, you can be guaranteed that someone is working on Student Tracker 24 hours a day.

Under the Hood of Student Tracker

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure platform
  • Built using agile methodology
  • 128 bit encryption security
  • Responsive design