• Know & understand your students better
  • Focus on data analysis not data entry
  • Reliable, secure data at your fingertips
  • Turn your data into useable information

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Based on user feedback, these are the top five reasons users like Student Tracker.

  1. Everything in one place

    No longer do you have to log in to multiple places to view data – it is now in one place.  Data can be imported into the system to avoid having to re-enter results.

  2. Saves time

    In built features such as automatic calculation of test results and chronological age means teachers can focus on analysing data rather than entering data.  The database is also configured so that information is recorded in a consistent format.

  3. Complete Student Profiles

    A student profile, showing the complete history of the student at the school can be generated which is useful when setting learning goals for students or having parent teacher meetings.  Multiple teachers can add information to a student which all contribute to the overall profile of the student.

  4. Accessible from home

    Being cloud based, teachers are able to enter and access data from any internet connected device.  Accessing the same system from both home and school means the data is always up to date and no synchronisation is necessary.

  5. Help and Support

    Unlimited support is available, including an in built help system with professional development activities such as video demonstrations and quick tips.  If something is not working, a quick email or phone call will have your request attended to.